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Sinhala, Tamil localization for Android Apps

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SimpleLocalizedAndroidApp v1.0

WTFPL - Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License xD
Original Coder : @geniustd | Ref[R]
Modified By    : @harshadura
Last Modified  : 03-03-2012

Few Notes
* You can use this[1] UCSC converter to convert unicode font into ttf related codes which are using in the xml view.

ex: "wessa" > jeiai
"jeiai" is the text you have to put into xml, that will result in "wessa" as output.


* You can use any Sinhala unicode supported font instead of using "amal.ttf" font. (in case if you dont like that font style)
* No need of Tamil fonts cause Tamil unicode is already consist with Android. (South indians developers might rocking huh!)

Cheers! happy localizings!

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