A starter Kit to create skeleton for your Sanic Application with Support for Docker and Docker Compose
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Signed-off-by: Harsha Narayana <harsha2k4@gmail.com>
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Cookiecutter Sanic Package

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Cookiecutter template for Sanic Applications


  • Swagger support via sanic-openapi
  • Docker and docker-compose Support
  • Gunicorn App runner setup
  • Conditional requirements.txt management
  • JSON logging for Docker containers
  • Wrapper for sanic App Configuration via environment variable prefix
  • Default health and status API blueprints
  • tox Environment Setup with py35, py36 py37
  • Unit testing via pytest and pytest-sanic
  • CI support for travis
  • Github Issue and PR templates
  • Mupltiple Runner options
    • Gunicorn
    • Sanic Dev mode with Auto Reload
    • With Sanic Workers and no Dev mode
    • With Async Support
  • Documentation via sphinx
  • Automated Release version management using bumpversion
  • Automated change log management using gitchangelog
  • Python based Build Support and Make file based build support
  • Editor Config support


Install the latest Cookiecutter if you haven't installed it yet (this requires Cookiecutter 1.6.0 or higher):

pip install -U cookiecutter

Generate a Python package project:

cookiecutter https://github.com/harshanarayana/cookiecutter-sanic.git

To Do

  • Authentication Support (JWT, Basic Auth)
  • Rate Limiter
  • Caching Support via Redis/memcached
  • ORM/Database Integration
  • Automated Release Management
  • Automated Change Log Generator


This template enables automated release version management and changelog generated via the following projects.


bumpversion by peritus

Change Log Management

gitchangelog by vaab


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