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US Consumer Time Spend Analysis

An analysis of the time spending habits of American consumers. The project was done as part of Round 1 of Intelligence Analytics Challenge 3.0 at the University of Texas at Dallas. The entire summary of the project can be found in the project report.

Table of contents

General info

The data-set consists of employment-related data for a period of 8 years, from 2005-2012. The data has been used to answer 8 set of questions for the competition. A model to predict the employment status of an individual based on input data has also been developed.


Project Roadmap Question Example screenshot3 Example screenshot4

The entire presentation of the project can be found here.

Technologies and Tools

  • Microsoft R -version 3.4.3
  • Tableau - version 10.5
  • Microsoft Excel


The test data used for exploratory analysis and model building can be found here. The code provided here can be used in the latest version of R to see the various outputs provided and replicate the model generated. The accuracy of the model can be tested using the test data-set here.

Code Examples

Some examples of usage:

#Support Vector Machine

svm_con = list()

for(i in 1:4){
  train = newdata[sample[[i]],]
  test = newdata[-sample[[i]],]
  train_scale = scale(train[,-2]) # Excluding response
  test_scale = scale(test[,-2]) # Excluding response
  train_svm = cbind(train_scale,train$Employment_Status)
  test_svm = cbind(test_scale,test$Employment_Status)
  train_svm =
  test_svm =
  colnames(train_svm)[25] = 'Employment_Status'
  colnames(test_svm)[25] = 'Employment_Status'
  train_svm$Employment_Status = as.factor(train_svm$Employment_Status)
  test_svm$Employment_Status = as.factor(test_svm$Employment_Status)
  sv_model = svm(Employment_Status~., data = train_svm, kernel = "radial")
  pred_sv = predict(sv_model,test_svm)
  svm_con[[i]] = confusionMatrix(reference = test_svm$Employment_Status, data = pred_sv)

multiclass.roc(response = test_svm$Employment_Status,
               predictor = as.numeric(pred_sv))
# Random Forest

rf_con = list()

for(i in  1:4){
  train = newdata[sample[[i]],]
  test = newdata[-sample[[i]],]
  train_scale = scale(train[,-2]) # Excluding response
  test_scale = scale(test[,-2]) # Excluding response
  train_rf = cbind(train_scale,train$Employment_Status)
  test_rf = cbind(test_scale,test$Employment_Status)
  train_rf =
  test_rf =
  colnames(train_rf)[25] = 'Employment_Status'
  colnames(test_rf)[25] = 'Employment_Status'
  train_rf$Employment_Status = as.factor(train_rf$Employment_Status)
  test_rf$Employment_Status = as.factor(test_rf$Employment_Status)
  rf_model = randomForest(x = train_rf[,-25],
                          y = train_rf$Employment_Status,
                          ntree = 500)
#Predicting the Test set results
 pred_rf = predict(rf_model, newdata = test_rf[,-25])
 rf_con[[i]] = confusionMatrix(reference = test_rf$Employment_Status, data = pred_rf)

multiclass.roc(response = test_rf$Employment_Status,
              predictor = as.numeric(pred_rf))   


  • Prediction of the employment status of an individual with ~85% accuracy.
  • Insights to how an individual time spending habits and how it changes based on age/working status/education etc.
  • Insights to how the great recession had an impact on the way an individual spent their time.


Project is: finished and we did progress to the final round of the competition. Our project for the final round can be found here. Be sure to check it out and see how we did in our final round.


Created by me and my awesome teammates Weiyang Sun and Sri Harish Popuri Team Random.

If you loved what you read here and feel like we can collaborate to produce some exciting stuff, or if you just want to shoot a question, please feel free to connect with me on email, LinkedIn, or Twitter. My other projects can be found here.

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