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It is a game I programmed for Arduboy

Thanks to this great Emulator I could make these gifs.


You start with a tank level 1 with a weapon of your choice. Everything can be upgraded till level 5.


With every updrade of the Chains the damage resistence increases a bit. The chain needs to be upgraded first to fit a next level Weapon. There are five different Weapons: The thing that looks a bit like an arrow is the driving speed, every update increases speed by round about 10 percent.

Name Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level n Info Special
Default ? a normal Tank extra damage resistance
Rocket ? shoots a big Rocket extra driving speed
Laser ? weapons needs to be loaded loading weapon shields damage if left is pressed
MG ? the weapon can overheat! better special attacks
Flame ? limited range, but lots of damage great flame resistance, but a bit slow


They spawn randomly at the right end of the screen.

Name Graphic Info
Standard Enemy nothing special about this one
Rocket Enemy those rockets aim at you, so better keep moving
Machine Gun Enemy shoots fast lots of buttets, wait till they reload to fight them
Flamethrower Enemy ? the range is limited, but they can do lots of damage
Shielded Enemy ? has very high damage resistance
Mines do not drive over those bad boys


If you kill enemys there is a chance that thy drop one of those items, pick them up.

Name Graphic Info
Coin you can use those to buy upgrades in the tank shop
Repair it reapairs 50 hp of your tank
Heart gives you an extra life, if you already have 3 lifes it repairs you
Shield with this shield you can crush everything without getting damage, even mines!
Slowmotion makes everything around you slow for about 4 seconds
Special Attack gives you one special attack, it comes in 3 levels increasing in strength


Button Game Shop
alt text drive with Tank up go up to next weapon
alt text drive with Tank down go down to next weapon
alt text drive with Tank left toggle sound on/off
alt text drive with Tank right upgrade current weapon
alt text switch to Shop switch to Game
alt text shoot the weapon set current weapon
alt text + alt text activate special attack -


This is actually the whole map. It is just for the variety of the background. It repeats infinitly.

alt text


It is a game programmed for Arduboy






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