@hartmannaf hartmannaf released this Jul 23, 2016 · 17 commits to bootloader since this release

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This is a arm9 bootloader, which is based on BootCTR. It allows the users to use the old boot_config.ini, without the need to modify it.

You can use the arm9loaderhax.bin with every arm9loaderhax version, or you can use the standalone arm9loaderhax wich is based on delebiles arm9loaderhax fork. Other ways of booting the payload could also work, but they are not official supported.
For the full usage guide checkout the wiki

In this Update multiple features got added:

  • Support to configure the payloads screen brightness
  • Configurable softboot features
    • Fast softboot -> its now possible to automaticly load the latest payload that got loaded
    • Softboot splash configuration -> it's now possible enable/disable the splash on softboots
  • Support for top screen booanimations (compressed and uncompressed)
  • Automatic path patching for luma
  • Support for a9lh netloader companion
  • Support to use multiple framebuffers
  • Boot passwords -> prevent other people from booting anything that's not the default payload