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What is jawanndenn?

Screenshot of poll creation in jawanndenn

jawanndenn is a simple web application to schedule meetings and run polls, a libre alternative to Doodle. It is using the following technology:

jawanndenn is libre software developed by Sebastian Pipping. The server code is licensed under the GNU Affero GPL license version 3 or later whereas the client code is licensed under the GNU GPL license version 3 or later.

Please report bugs and let me know if you like it.


To install the latest release without cloning the Git repository:

# pip3 install jawanndenn --user

To install from a Git clone:

# ./ install --user

Deployment with docker-compose

Create a simple file .env like this one:


Make sure to use your own values!

You can then build and run a docker image using docker-compose up --build.

PostgreSQL data is saved to ~/.jawanndenn-docker-pgdata/ on the host system. The app is served on localhost:54080.

Command line usage

When installed, invocation is as simple as

# jawanndenn

During development, you may want to run jawanndenn from the Git clone using

# PYTHONPATH=. python3 -m jawanndenn --debug

Currently supported arguments are:

# jawanndenn --help
usage: jawanndenn [-h] [--debug] [--host HOST] [--port PORT]
                  [--url-prefix PATH] [--database-sqlite3 FILE]
                  [--django-secret-key-file FILE] [--max-polls COUNT]
                  [--max-votes-per-poll COUNT] [--dumpdata]
                  [--loaddata FILE.json]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --debug               Enable debug mode (default: disabled)
  --host HOST           Hostname or IP address to listen at (default:
  --port PORT           Port to listen at (default: 8080)
  --url-prefix PATH     Path to prepend to URLs (default: "")
  --database-sqlite3 FILE
                        File to write the database to (default:
  --django-secret-key-file FILE
                        File to use for Django secret key data (default:

limit configuration:
  --max-polls COUNT     Maximum number of polls total (default: 1000)
  --max-votes-per-poll COUNT
                        Maximum number of votes per poll (default: 40)

data import/export arguments:
  --dumpdata            Dump a JSON export of the database to standard output,
                        then quit.
  --loaddata FILE.json  Load a JSON export of the database from FILE.json,
                        then quit.

Migrating data from jawanndenn 1.x to 2.x

Migration takes four steps:

  1. Update to the latest version of jawanndenn 1.x, e.g. by running: pip2 install --upgrade 'jawanndenn<2'; the JSON data export was first introduced with release 1.6.3.
  2. Export existing polls:
    1. If you're using the commend line app: python2 -m jawanndenn --dumpdata > dump.json
    2. If you're using docker-compose: docker-compose run -T jawanndenn --database-pickle /data/polls.pickle --dumpdata > dump.json
  3. Deploy latest jawanndenn 2.x somewhere (as described above) or just pip3 install 'jawanndenn>=2' it somewhere
  4. Import the JSON dump created in step (2):
    1. If you're using the commend line app: python3 -m jawanndenn --loaddata dump.json
    2. If you're using docker-compose: docker-compose run -T jawanndenn sh -c 'cat > /tmp/dump.json && DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE=jawanndenn.settings python3 -m django loaddata /tmp/dump.json' < dump.json


Please check out the list of upcoming features.


  • Use of heavy frontend frameworks: building blocks only
  • Read availability from calendars


Special thanks to Arne Maier (@KordonDev) for reporting an XSS vulnerability, responsibly.