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Bird detection message handler

This code is a notification sample of Alexa Proactive API. Handling the MQTT message from AWS Deeplens and filter that Keyword was 'bird' Then Call Proactiv API to notify Alexa devices.


In this sample, there is a three things to do.

  • Handling MQTT message from AWS deeplens
  • Filtering message only when content includes a keyword 'bird'
  • Calling Alexa proactive API


  • serverless framework
  • aws system manager (parameter store)


This code sample needs 3 parameters.

  • ClientId of alexa skill
  • Client Secret of alexa Skill
  • Topic of deployed model from deeplens

And, You needs to add these values to parameter store by following names

  • bird-detection-client-id
  • bird-detection-client-secret
  • bird-detection-topic-filter

if you can use the AWS CLI, You can add these parameters with this command.

aws ssm put-parameter --type String --name bird-detection-client-id --value <your-client-id>
aws ssm put-parameter --type String --name bird-detection-client-secret --value <your-client-secret>
aws ssm put-parameter --type String --name bird-detection-topic-filter --value <your-mqtt-topic-filter>


npm install
sls deploy


if you want to change the interval of notification, Modify notificationExpiryMinutes parameter in serverless.yml if you want to change condition of filtering, Modify sql parameter in serverless.yml

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