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Angular2 app for a workshop in Developers@CERN Forum
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  • Knowledge of html, css, javascript, typescript is nice to have.
  • node>=6.9.0 with npm and latest angular-cli should be installed.

Workshop Schedule

  • Explain angular and typescript and @angular/cli
    • Explain @angular/cli: helper tool to build (standard) angular2 apps easily
  • ng new ng2-workshop-at-cern
  • Run ng serve and show the app
  • Explain files in ./src/app
    • What is a module?
      • helps to organize code structure, imports, exports etc.
    • What is a component?
      • ViewController, it has both template and logic to control it.
      • They can be used in html with their own tags.
      • They can interact with each other.
  • Change title in app.component and see it changes on the page.
  • Create SWAPI service
    • Explain @angular/http and Observable
    • http is a very simple but powerful module to handle http request inside angular app.
    • Obsersable or rxjs is async programming library around observable pattern
      • http module always returns an Observable.
      • It is more powerful than Promise, retying, cancelling, throttling, debouncing requests
        • also handles stream of requests.
  • Use SWAPI service with a button click
    • Explain @Injectable and angular's DI.
      • Only single instance will be created for each injectable in a module and will be injected wherever you require.
    • Explain event binding ()
      • Any function can be binded to any HTMLElement's event by its name.
  • Remove subscribe and use async pipe, fetch in ngOnInit
  • Iterate over response and create a simple ul li
    • Explain ngFor
      • repeater directive (same as ng-repeat)
  • Create PersonComponent, ng generate component person
    • To display couple of attributes from data
  • Install material UI
    • npm install --save @angular/material
    • import { MaterialModule } from '@angular/material'
    • ...imports: [... MaterialModule.forRoot() ...]...
    • @import '~@angular/material/core/theming/prebuilt/deeppurple-amber.css'; in style.css
  • Add Card to PersonComponent
  • Create filter pipe with test
    • Explain @Pipe
      • A pipe does a small transformation on given data, useful in templates (same as filter)
    • Write a test for the Pipe
  • Create search box that set filter expression for filter pipe
  • Use ngClass for Starships button.
  • Use ngIf for 'n/a' gender.
  • Use @Outputfor BUTTON and show a snackbar import { MdSnackBar } from '@angular/material';
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