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fluent-plugin-referer-parser, a plugin for Fluentd

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'fluent-plugin-referer-parser' is a Fluentd plugin to parse Referer strings, based on tagomoris/fluent-plugin-woothee. 'fluent-plugin-referer-parser' uses snowplow/referer-parser.


fluent-plugin-referer-parser fluentd ruby
>= 0.1.0 >= v0.14.15 >= 2.4
< 0.1.0 >= v0.12.0 >= 1.9

fluent-plugin-referer-parser >= 0.1.0 works on ruby >= 2.1, but referer-parser(0.3.0) does not work properly for non-UTF-8 search terms with ruby < 2.4. You use fluent-plugin-referer-parser >= 0.1.0, so we recommend to use ruby 2.4 or later.


To add referer-parser result into matched messages:

  @type referer_parser
  key_name referer

Output messages with tag 'merged.**' has 'referer_known', 'referer_referer' and 'referer_search_term' attributes. If you want to change attribute names, write configurations as below:

  @type referer_parser
  key_name ref
  out_key_known        ref_known
  out_key_referer      ref_referer
  out_key_host         ref_host
  out_key_search_term  ref_search_term

If you want to use your own referers definition, you can use 'referers_yaml' attribute. 'referers_yaml' should be referers.yaml format of snowplow/referer-parser.


  • Copyright (c) 2012- TAGOMORI Satoshi (tagomoris)
  • Copyright (c) HARUYAMA Seigo
  • License
    • Apache License, Version 2.0