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Building secure web archival tools is hard, because web archives have to ingest and play back so much attacker-submitted
content. WARCgames challenges you to attack deliberately-insecure, simplified web archive services running on your local
computer, and thereby learn to create secure ones.
*With High Fidelity Comes Great Responsibility*

As web archiving tools adapt to the Javascript-driven web with headless browser capture, interactive capture,
and high fidelity playback, they also become more difficult to secure. Weaknesses in web archiving tools themselves can
be exploited to steal user secrets, fake the historical record, or delete valuable record. Once an exploit enters a web
archive, it can harm users or the archive itself with every access.

We (the creators of [Webrecorder]( and []( want to demonstrate these
risks and learn to improve our defenses against them. We want to share what we know and learn from you as well.
That's why WARCgames exists.

This repository provides you with a local version of Webrecorder that has not been patched to fix known exploits,
and a number of challenges for you learn how they might apply to web archives in general.

WARCgames was first introduced at [IIPC2017]( in London.
(See [slides]( for the talk.)

![WARCgames browser screenshot](support_files/assets/screenshot.png)

@@ -46,7 +59,7 @@ WARCgames currently offers the following challenges:
Tips and Hints

**Faster debugging**
### Faster debugging

Solving challenges often requires you to test the security limits of Javascript run from `challenge.html` inside
the web archive. You can speed up your experimentation by adding something like this to your `challenge.html`:
@@ -64,10 +77,12 @@ correct security context.
Contributing Challenges

Please file an issue if you would like WARCgames to support a new challenge.
Please file [an issue](issues) tagged with "proposed challenge" if you would like WARCgames to support a new challenge.

Even better, send a pull request!

### Challenge format

Each challenge is a subdirectory under `challenges/`. Files:

* ``: Python file that defines:
@@ -86,4 +101,7 @@ Security Reporting

If you discover a possible security issue in the underlying Webrecorder software while working on a challenge, please
report it to rather than filing an issue on this project.
report it to rather than filing an issue on this project.

[![Webrecorder logo](support_files/assets/webrecorder_logo.png)](
[![Perma logo](support_files/assets/perma_logo.png)](
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