Java GUI client to generate Google authentication codes
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Authors : James Cuff and Michele Clamp 2011/2012
Jonah Neugeboren and Aaron Kitzmkller 2015


JAuth is a reference desktop client for the google authenticator. Intended 
as an alternative to the iPhone Google Authenticator app and similar.

Explanatory bloggage at

Installation using GUI Installer


All installers available from


To compile and run in bash


then to run 

  java -jar JAuth.jar


  java -jar JAuth.jar <myauthfile>

By default it looks in the home directory for a file called .google_authenticator

Alternatively :

  java -jar JAuth.jar -secret=MY_SECRET_KEY


Initialize your keystore (do this only once)

  keytool -genkey -alias JAuth -keyalg RSA -keystore keystore.jks -keysize 2048

Sign your jar

  jarsigner -keystore keystore.jks  JAuth.jar JAuth

Edit the JAuth.jnlp file to reflect your local webserver path.
Copy the JAuth.jnlp and JAuth.jar files into the webserver path.


Thanks to bookest (Christopher Grim) for the secret key dialog code

Installer Software Install4j from ej-technologies

Many thanks for the open-source license

PasscodeGenerator and Base32String code from

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