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# Building Chosen requires coffee-script and uglify-js. For
# help installing, try:
# `npm -g install coffee-script uglify-js`
fs = require 'fs'
path = require 'path'
{spawn, exec} = require 'child_process'
CoffeeScript = require 'coffee-script'
{parser, uglify} = require 'uglify-js'
javascripts = {
'chosen/chosen.jquery.js': [
'chosen/chosen.proto.js': [
Array::unique = ->
output = {}
output[@[key]] = @[key] for key in [0...@length]
value for key, value of output
# Gather a list of unique source files.
source_files = ->
all_sources = []
for javascript, sources of javascripts
for source in sources
all_sources.push source
# Get the version number
version = ->
"#{fs.readFileSync('VERSION')}".replace /[^0-9a-zA-Z.]*/gm, ''
version_tag = ->
# Write chosen files with a header
write_chosen_javascript = (filename, body) ->
fs.writeFileSync filename, """
// Chosen, a Select Box Enhancer for jQuery and Protoype
// by Patrick Filler for Harvest,
// Version #{version()}
// Full source at
// Copyright (c) 2011 Harvest
// MIT License,
// This file is generated by `cake build`, do not edit it by hand.
# Build Chosen.
task 'build', 'build Chosen from source', build = (cb) ->
for javascript, sources of javascripts
code = ''
for source in sources
code += CoffeeScript.compile "#{fs.readFileSync source}"
write_chosen_javascript javascript, code
unless process.env.MINIFY is 'false'
write_chosen_javascript javascript.replace(/\.js$/,'.min.js'), (
uglify.gen_code uglify.ast_squeeze uglify.ast_mangle parser.parse code
cb() if typeof cb is 'function'
task 'watch', 'watch coffee/ for changes and build Chosen', ->
console.log "Watching for changes in coffee/"
for file in source_files()
# Coffeescript wasn't scoping file correctly-
# without this closure the file name displayed
# is incorrect.
((file) ->
fs.watchFile file, (curr, prev) ->
if +curr.mtime isnt +prev.mtime
console.log "Saw change in #{file}"
invoke 'build'
run = (cmd, args, cb, err_cb) ->
exec "#{cmd} #{args.join(' ')}", (err, stdout, stderr) ->
if err isnt null
console.error stderr
if typeof err_cb is 'function'
throw "Failed command execution (#{err})."
cb(stdout) if typeof cb is 'function'
with_clean_repo = (cb) ->
run 'git', ['diff', '--exit-code'], cb, ->
throw 'There are files that need to be committed first.'
without_existing_tag = (cb) ->
run 'git', ['tag'], (stdout) ->
if stdout.split("\n").indexOf( version_tag() ) >= 0
throw 'This tag has already been committed to the repo.'
tag_release = (cb, cb_err) ->
run 'git', ['tag', '-a', '-m', "\"Version #{version()}\"", version_tag()], cb, cb_err
untag_release = (e) ->
console.log "Failure to tag caught: #{e}"
console.log "Removing tag #{version_tag()}"
run 'git', ['tag', '-d', version_tag()]
push_repo = (args=[], cb, cb_err) ->
run 'git', ['push'].concat(args), cb, cb_err
task 'release', 'build, tag the current release, and push', ->
console.log "Trying to tag #{version_tag()}..."
with_clean_repo ->
without_existing_tag ->
build ->
tag_release ->
push_repo [], ->
push_repo ['--tags'], ->
console.log "Successfully tagged #{version_tag()}:{version_tag()}"
, untag_release
, untag_release
, untag_release
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