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Commits on Jul 24, 2013
  1. @tjschuck

    Update copyright year.

    tjschuck authored
  2. @koenpunt
  3. @koenpunt
  4. @koenpunt

    use native dom element

    koenpunt authored
  5. @koenpunt

    remove href of <a />

    koenpunt authored
  6. @koenpunt
  7. @pfiller
  8. @tjschuck
  9. @tjschuck
  10. @tjschuck

    Indentation/whitespace fixes

    tjschuck authored
  11. @pfiller
  12. @starzonmyarmz
  13. @pfiller
  14. @starzonmyarmz

    Make the entire section title a link

    starzonmyarmz authored
    Wrapped the text inside of the <h2> tags with anchors, and added
    an icon to appear on :hover.
  15. @pfiller

    Merge pull request #1392 from harvesthq/single-select-should-unset-cu…

    pfiller authored
    Single select value fix
  16. @kenearley

    Added footer to option page

    kenearley authored
  17. @kenearley
  18. @koenpunt

    unbind document event

    koenpunt authored
    plain return
  19. @koenpunt

    always return $this

    koenpunt authored
    no need for separate unbinding
    unbind event from document in proto version
  20. @koenpunt

    use remove data

    koenpunt authored
  21. @koenpunt
  22. @koenpunt
  23. @koenpunt
  24. @koenpunt

    case insensitive

    koenpunt authored
  25. @koenpunt
  26. @koenpunt
  27. @pfiller

    When choosing a result in single select mode, set the current value

    pfiller authored
    to false (If it exists, of course).
    Fixes #1391
Commits on Jul 23, 2013
  1. @pfiller

    Merge pull request #1389 from koenpunt/object-context

    pfiller authored
    No longer expose classes to window context
Commits on Jul 22, 2013
  1. @koenpunt
  2. @koenpunt
  3. @koenpunt

    Added @koenpunt to README

    koenpunt authored
  4. @pfiller

    Merge pull request #1383 from harvesthq/stack_overflow

    pfiller authored
    Update stackoverflow link to search for chosen posts
  5. @kenearley
Commits on Jul 19, 2013
  1. @pfiller
  2. @pfiller

    Include groups in search results only if they have active options.

    pfiller authored
    This fixes a bug where a group shows up, but has no displayed options.
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