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Keep the Multi-select dropdown open #1104

elimegrover opened this Issue · 7 comments

6 participants


It would be nice if there were a setting that would allow for keeping the multi-select box open instead of having to click into the box for each subsequent select.


Woah - Don't know what I was on, but that title should be KEEP the multi-select drop-down window [after open/selecting the first option] Having to click repeatedly is a touch annoying.


Note that you can use Ctrl+click (or Cmd+click for Mac users) to select several values.


That would defeat some of the usability that this multiselect replacement is intended to offer. Average users of a babyboomer demographic are not familiar with that type of functionality.


#529 (not merged) addresses this.


while it works fine at the chosen site on my site holding down CTRL does not work.



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