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One line change to .coffee and build and many diffs in generated js #404

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I forked the repo, installed coffee script (1.1.3) and ugliffy, applied a one-line fix to and file and rebuilt. Comparing the uncompressed chosen.jquery.js and proto.js shows many non-whitespace diffs. I'm assuming this is related to different versions of coffeescript when built. Should I care? Should I commit the generated js or just the .coffee files for pull request?


@marknadig marknadig added a commit that referenced this issue
@marknadig marknadig refs #404 - rebuilt js separately from change to .coffee for #403 - s…
…ince many diffs in generated js. Want to see if harvest wants this.

I don't see a need to be too worried about whitespace mismatches in pull requests just yet. It's obviously not ideal, but since the important change is happening in the coffeescript file, it's not a huge problem.

Ideally, we wouldn't even need to commit the javascript files (they'd just be generated by the build system), but I suspect usage would drop heavily in that case.

Thanks for looking out.

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