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Width of chosen #453

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Width of wrapper with class "chzn-container chzn-container-single chzn-container-active" is smaller, than it is necessary, and not all letters title is displayed, but when I delete calculated width in wrapper in "style" property - it works well. The question is: why this width is calculated, maybe it is better to leave automatic width?


I'd second this question. Likewise I am having to explicitly set a width CSS on all my selects because you inherit the calculated outerWidth() property but this makes the Chosen select smaller than it should be and it truncates the text.


I am also experiencing this issue. I have tried to reset the width using javascript, but the best answer so far is to manually set the width in all selects.


mmm... the width of chosen must be calculated taking into account the expandable icon (.chzn-container-single .chzn-single div b)


when the target select element has no width property set, the chozn ul element has a width of 0 making the chozn dropdown useless. when a style="width:150px" is set on the select element it works fine.


Hi..try this code...

$('.chzn-search input').css('width','263px');


As of c3d906c, chosen does only one width calculation and that's on the parent container. Everything else inside of that div is calculated using CSS. I think this issue can be closed.

@pfiller pfiller closed this
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