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require 3 characters to start search in multiple select #552

chrishough opened this Issue · 2 comments

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is there a way to prevent the search until the user has entered 3 characters?

mr9 commented

Somewhere around line 800, after
searchText = this.search_field.val() === this.default_text ? "" : $('div').text($.trim(this.search_field.val())).html();
I added:
if(!searchText && this.is_multiple) return this.results_hide();
to require at least 1 character to be entered, but for 3 you'd do:
if(searchText.length < 3 && this.is_multiple) return this.results_hide();

If you want the same behavior for single selects remove the && this.is_multiple. I'm using the single selects as a sort of dropdown list so I don't want to require typing. I wouldn't say this is fully tested, but it seems to work.


@mr9 thank you for posting this, really helped .

@chrishough chrishough closed this
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