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Provide method to change order of options to implement full text search with ranking. #624

olragon opened this Issue · 1 comment

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First, sorry for my bad english.

Then, I'm implementing full text search with ranking for chosen. I can search, calculate result ranking but can't change order of result base on ranking.

For example: when I search country list with keyword: "vi am", result which I want is Viet Nam in the first and so on ...

What I want is:
What I want

What I get is:
What I get

You can see my commit here

@olragon olragon referenced this issue in select2/select2

Sorting matches #95


I'm not a fan of adding ranking to Chosen. Options in a select are, presumably, already in an order that makes some kind of logical sense and adding the complication to rearrange them doesn't seem worth it.

Treating this as a #wontFix

@pfiller pfiller closed this
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