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Incorrect focusing in FireFox #625

streamcode9 opened this Issue · 5 comments

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Code example:

In example, I have two rows. In the first row tabulations work fine, but in the second one I have to press TAB two times to focus next CHOSEN element. I have noticed, that the bug is reproduced in FireFox and only when CHOSEN drop-down-list has a scroll(without it works fine).


This is an old issue and I am not seeing this in the current version of Chosen with the current version of Firefox. If the problem still exists, please re-open and update the Fiddle to use current assets.

@pfiller pfiller closed this

The bug ist still there. I updated the fiddle to reproduce the bug.
New fiddle:


@SimonBrodtmann What OS and version are you on, and what version of Firefox exhibits the issue? We'll reopen once you provide that info.


Windows 7 x64 and Firefox 23.0.1 (portable)

@tjschuck tjschuck reopened this

@harvesthq/chosen-developers Leaving it to you guys with all your fancy VMs to reproduce.

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