Just a simple hack for adding page up & page down support, Cheers ^_^. (proto) #569

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pfiller commented Apr 18, 2013

Thanks @LeonFedotov. I think this is a nice idea, but something that should probably stay out of Chosen master at this time. It's a small change, but adding any complexity that people aren't super likely to use is something we really try to avoid. Ever watch someone use Chosen? I'm happy if they can figure out that searching is an option ... much less using keyboard shortcuts!

@pfiller pfiller closed this Apr 18, 2013

i disagree. people use the arrow keys for selection, you cant go out with an assumption that most people don't utilize features so they are not needed. ever had a transformer toy? how happy were you when you discovered another way to assemble it.
also i think that this small addition had to be there in the beginning i mean the native dropdown has page up/down support. and it does not add much complexity. but its fine if you dont want to add it in i just think thats wrong.

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