Fix reselecting option doesn't trigger 'change' event. #667

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This fixes a bug where the 'change' event isn't triggered if you reselect the same option after clearing it.

Reproduce the bug:

  1. Have an instance with {allow_single_deselect: true} set.
  2. Have some JS listening for the 'change' event on the Select an option. (change event triggers) Click the 'x' to clear selection. (change event triggers) Select the same option again. (change event doesn't trigger)
doits commented Jun 10, 2012

if you're on it, you can also add the same fix when liszt:updated is triggered - see #672 for my fix in pure js (maybe calling val() is better than my proposal, I don't know atm)

miguelm commented Jul 4, 2012

+1 on this change, had to fork to get this fixed

doits commented Jul 5, 2012

I'm not sure: is this plugin dead (maybe author has no time to maintain it any more?). Would be nice to have a comment about this, because many fixes are waiting ...

bojcan commented Aug 20, 2012


To fix it I added: this.current_value="" to the results_reset_cleanup() function. So it looks like that:

e.prototype.results_reset_cleanup = function () {
this.current_value = "";
return this.selected_item.find("abbr").remove() }

stof commented Sep 3, 2012

This should be fixed in the latest version of Chosen /cc @pfiller

pfiller commented Sep 5, 2012

Thanks @ryanwilliams. This did get fixed in a recent commit to chosen/master. I didn't see this pull request when I was looking for a fix -- sorry about that.

Thanks again.

@pfiller pfiller closed this Sep 5, 2012
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