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Harvest Notable

A simple Slack interface to disseminate small but important bits of information to the team.

Example usage

> /notable Chad found Cade's coat!
# Got it!

> /notable The soup, the soup. The soup! #big
# Got it!


You'll need to have a working Go environment (including $GOPATH and the proper directory structure). It also uses Redis to persist data across processes, so you'll need that too. To build the binaries, execute

go install ./...

in the project root and that should put notable_server in your $GOPATH/bin to run. Normal execution goes something like:

env PORT=8080 SLACK_API_TOKEN=... $GOPATH/bin/notable_server

There's also the send_digest binary that's used by the Heroku scheduler to send out and clear any notes nightly.


Configuration is done via environment variables, either directly or through Heroku.

  • FROM_NAME and FROM_EMAIL determine who the email is from
  • TO_NAME and TO_EMAIL determine who the email is sent to
  • SMTP_HOST, SMTP_PORT, SMTP_USERNAME, SMTP_PASSWORD provide SMTP settings for sending email
  • REDIS_URL is normally provided by Heroku and gives connection details for the Redis instance
  • SLACK_API_TOKEN is an API token generated by Slack that allows notable to get details about Slack users
  • SLACK_TOKEN is the token generated by Slack that notable will verify on requests
  • SLACK_CHANNEL determines what room notes are broadcast to, defaults to "general"



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