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Tick is a JavaScript plugin that makes visualizing dynamically changing numbers a breeze.


  • running boolean indicates whether the ticker has been started

  • options object all runtime options

  • element object the element that is used for this ticker

  • value int whatever value you pass in to the ticker

  • separators array a list of all separators

  • increment function callback used to update @value on every tick


  • incremental mixed can be either a fixed numeric value that gets added to the base value on each tick or a function that gets called with the current value and must return the updated number

  • delay int the time in milliseconds after which the target value is being increased

  • separators boolean if true, all arbitrary characters inbetween digits are wrapped in seperated elements. if false, these characters are stripped out

  • autostart boolean whether or not to start the ticker when instantiated


  • onStart

  • onTick

  • onStop

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