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About Kindle Mate

Kindle Mate is a program that helps Kindle users to sync, import and manage their clippings and vocabulary builder words on computer. Kindle Mate has been made to make your reading and language learning easier.

First Time to Run Kindle Mate

Kindle Mate is Windows compatible and depends on some components to run properly. In most cases, your Windows system is ready to run Kindle Mate, especially for Windows 7 and above. Typically, you install/extract Kindle Mate and get it running. If you fail to start the program, make sure you have .NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile and Visual C++ Runtime Library 2010 or higher installed and then run the program again.

Quick Start

Kindle Mate is intuitive and easy to use. Connect Kindle with your computer via USB cable. Kindle Connected icon will show on the menu bar indicating your Kindle is recognized and well connected. Click the icon or press F2 to start your first Sync. Now all your clippings and vocabulary words will show in Kindle Mate, organized and locally and securely stored. Actually that's all you need to get fully started. You are encouraged to explore the menus and functionalites to become a guru.