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@cmconnelly cmconnelly released this Aug 26, 2016

This release has two changes:

  1. Removes check for old configuration files. (Now ignores them completely.)
  2. Changes the "typewriter" font from Inconsolata to Adobe Source Code Pro, with ligatures suppressed.
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@cmconnelly cmconnelly released this Dec 2, 2015

Updates version number and release date in hmcclinic.cls. No other changes.

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@cmconnelly cmconnelly released this Dec 2, 2015

Updates hmcclinic.cls and template files to handle differences between CS and math midyear report customs and fixes a couple of minor bugs.

  • Adds midyearreport document-class option for traditional book-style Midyear Report document (math practice).
  • Adds midyearupdate document-class option for CS article-style Midyear Update.
    • Creates title page with "Midyear Update" instead of "Midyear Report".
    • Discards content of abstract and acknowledgments environments.
    • \section is top-level sectioning command (instead of \chapter).
  • Adds support for loading the amsthm package with an amsthm document-class option. (Does not load amsthm by default.)
  • Minor adjustments to font options.
  • Slight increase in leading (interline spacing).
  • Fixes page numbering.
    • Sets number for first page with content to 1.
    • Suppresses printing of page number on that first page.
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@cmconnelly cmconnelly released this Nov 25, 2015

Fixes an incorrect bracket.

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Nov 25, 2015
Update fonts as in hmcthesis.cls and add amsthm DCO.
We want the fonts to be the same for thesis and Clinic, but theses use amsthm 62% of the time vs. Clinic reports using it 4% of the time. So we put in the same machinery we have for loading amsthm in the hmcthesis class, but set it to default to not loading amsthm, and providing an option to load it if desired.
Aug 24, 2015
Tag version 5.0 for release.