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Make it work with static root at /

the check to see if page is static, then use anonymous user is silly for
several reasons.  Performance intensive sites will setup static pages to
be served at the very least by werkzeug, and probably even a couple of
layers above that at nginx or apache, so flask will never see static
requests. The case where it might actually be nice, static requests for
blueprints, isn't even covered.

The check is also quite stupid, since dynamic pages can and do mount
past the static mount point, like in my case where my static mount is /.

Anyway, someone else might find this useful. we need it at Elsevier.
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1 parent 59f7cd7 commit 7e2f9b968afdb2f563c7ad44e4fae12a75c2704b @harvimt committed May 21, 2013
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@@ -318,12 +318,6 @@ def needs_refresh(self):
return redirect(login_url(self.refresh_view, request.url))
def _load_user(self):
- if (current_app.static_url_path is not None and
- request.path.startswith(current_app.static_url_path)
- ):
- # load up an anonymous user for static pages
- = self.anonymous_user()
- return
config = current_app.config
if config.get("SESSION_PROTECTION", self.session_protection):
deleted = self._session_protection()

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