Image Classifier for Chest X-Ray Diagnosis
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Image Classification with CoreML2 for iOS


With the advent of CoreML2 for iOS, Machine Learning has become more accessible, with simple models easily trainable on most laptops. This project demonstrates a simple modification of the model to be targeted towards diagnosis of pneumonia on a chest x-ray.


To start this project, open the ChestXray.xcodeproj file using XCode. Note - this will require MacOS Mojave to be installed with the latest version of XCode, else CoreML will fail to run.

Training a model

To train your own model - this can be done in XCode Playgrounds. Start a new Playground and run the following code to bring up a live view of the ML builder.

import CreateMLUI

let builder = MLImageClassifierBuilder()


Changing the model

The model used can be easily changed for another with a simple modification to the code. In ImageClassificationViewController.swift change let model = try VNCoreModel(for: Pneumonia().model) with Pneumonia() being substituted for your model name. Ensure that your package is appropriately signed to prevent warnings and build-time errors.

Next Steps

  • Re-training the model (at present, issues exist with overfitting of the model), and broaden the scope to a larger range of conditions.
  • Allow for a more user friendly UI with visualisation of previous analyses.