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This projected is licensed under the terms of the MIT license. See LICENSE.TXT

Example Time!

The library contains simple methods for checking network connectivity on both iOS and Android All implementation of Reachability on all platforms implement IReachability interface to give you a simple and unified way of getting the connection status:


var reachability = new Reachability("");
var isConnected = reachability.IsHostReachable();


var reachability = new Reachability(myActivity, "");
var isConnected = reachability.IsHostReachable();

Reachability on all Platforms

// reachability on all platforms implement IReachability which offers you:
var isReachable = reachability.IsHostReachable ();
var isReachable = reachability.IsHostReachable ("");
var internetConnStatus = reachability.InternetConnectionStatus ()
var wifiConnStatus = reachability.LocalWifiConnectionStatus();


This assumes that you have set the permissions right in your AndroidManifest file (AccessNetworkStatus, AccessWifiStatus, and AccessInternet). The implementation of the library for Android does not only rely on Android SDK for checking connectivity, we also make a small get request to verify connectivity over http (port 80). You can find more details here.