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OpenPension Website is the Web interface for the OpenPension Project
aimed at revealing the secrets behind the pension market.

Our stack

[NodeJS] 1
[ExpressJS] 2
[Marionette] 3
[Handlebars] 4
[Squel] 5
[PostgreSQL] 6
[Memcached] 7
[Elastic] 11

Also used

[Tabletop] 8

Getting Started

  1. Clone the repo

    >git clone ...
    >git checkout marionette
  2. Update submodules

    >git submodule init 
    >git submodule update
  3. Install [NodeJS] 1

  4. Install packages

    >npm install
    >npm install bower -g
    >bower install
    >npm install grunt -g
  5. Update db connection string in server/config.json (ask somebody if you dont have it)

  6. Run the server (default port is 3000)

    >node server/app.js 
  7. To run the server in dev mode:

    Install node-dev (globally)

    >npm install node-dev -g

    Run the server

    >node-dev server/app.js

Additional Requirements

For compiling the packages on windows
you might need to install Microsoft Visual Studio
You can get the Express version which is free to download [here] 9

Online version

Visit: [] 10