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1- drop the rman user account from the backup server
drop user rman cascade;
2- drop the rman tablespace along with the datafiles
drop tablespace rman including contents and datafiles;
3- create a new tablespace for the rman catalog
create tablespace rman_catalog datafile '/oradata/cat_01.dbf' size 50M;
alter tablespace rman_catalog add datafile '/oradata/cat_02.sbf' size 50M;
4- create the rman user schema
create user rman identified by rman
default tablespace rman_catalog
temporary tablespace temp
quota unlimited on rman_catalog;
5- grant the required privilages to the rman user:
grant connect,resource,recovery_catalog_owner to rman;
6- from the backup server connect to the rman schema
rman target="sys/syspasswd@boss1" catalog="rman/rman@orabak"
create catalog
register database
7- then after that you can prepare tha rman configurations and run the full backup script
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