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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
*** GENERATED FROM netbeans IDE project - DO NOT EDIT ***
*** EDIT ./m2nbbuild.xml INSTEAD ***
<!-- NOTE: this file is only used in m2nbbuild.xml to build the netbeans project
from Maven2 build lifecycle. It will be re-generated/updated from netbeans IDE
when the project is opened in the IDE.
<project name="m2nbbuild-impl" default="package" basedir="."
xmlns:mvn2nb =""
xmlns:mvn="urn:maven-artifact-ant" >
<description>This project compile, package and test the JBI Components when invoked from Maven2.</description>
<target name="default" depends="test, package" description="Build and test whole project."/>
<target name="-pre-init">
<!-- Empty placeholder for easier customization. -->
<!-- You can override this target in the ./m2nbbuild.xml file. -->
<target name="-do-init" depends="-pre-init" >
<!-- load maven-ant-tasks-2.0.7 task definitions -->
<typedef resource="org/apache/maven/artifact/ant/antlib.xml" uri="urn:maven-artifact-ant" classpathref="maven.runtime.classpath"/>
<!-- load this project's pom.xml -->
<mvn:pom file="pom.xml" id="mvn.prj"/>
<!-- load this project's netbeans project properties -->
<property file="nbproject/" prefix="nb.prj"/>
<!-- maven distribution jar file path -->
<property name="mvn.prj.dist.jar.resolved" location="${}/${}.${mvn.prj.packaging}" />
<!-- netbeans project distribution jar file path -->
<property name="nb.prj.dist.jar.resolved" location="${nb.prj.dist.jar}" />
this macro executes a particular target in the netbeans project build
script as if it is invoked from the command line. It sets the
to the which will have the required build properties set for
building the netbeans project from command line.
The content of the resolves any properties that will be passed
through in the netbeans user.dir when the project is executed from
inside the IDE.
Users can set all the libraries classpaths w.r.t local maven repository in the
<macrodef name="nbbuild" uri="">
<attribute name="target" default="default"/>
<echo message="Executing netbeans build target @{target}"/>
<ant inheritAll="false" inheritRefs="false" target="@{target}" >
<property name="" location="" />
<property name="m2nbbuild.setup" value="true" />
<target name="-init-check" depends="-pre-init, -do-init">
<target name="-post-init">
<!-- Empty placeholder for easier customization. -->
<!-- You can override this target in the ./m2nbbuild.xml file. -->
<!-- initilizes the build settings -->
<target name="init"
depends="-pre-init, -do-init, -post-init, -init-check" >
<target name="compile" depends="init"
description="compiles jbi component source" >
<mvn2nb:nbbuild target="compile" />
<target name="package" depends="init"
description="compile and packages jbi component sources into installer zip archive file" >
<mvn2nb:nbbuild target="jar" />
<copy overwrite="true"
toFile="${mvn.prj.dist.jar.resolved}" />
<target name="-do-clean" depends="init">
<mvn2nb:nbbuild target="clean" />
<target name="-post-clean">
<!-- Empty placeholder for easier customization. -->
<!-- You can override this target in the ../build.xml file. -->
<target name="clean" depends="init, -do-clean, -post-clean" description="clean up" />
<!-- testing the JBI Component -->
<target name="test-compile" depends="init"
description="compile the test source " >
<mvn2nb:nbbuild target="compile-test" />
<!-- run junit tests -->
<target name="test" depends="init"
description="run unit tests on the jbi component" >
<mvn2nb:nbbuild target="test" />
<!-- run integration tests -->
<target name="integration-test" depends="init"
description="run integration tests on the jbi component" >
<mvn2nb:nbbuild target="integration-test" />
<mvn2nb:nbbuild target="install" />
<mvn2nb:nbbuild target="test" />
<mvn2nb:nbbuild target="uninstall" />
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