Cross platform command line interface for SQL Server
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Cross platform command line interface for SQL Server

NOTE: All Pull-Requests must be made into the dev branch.

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You can install the sql-cli npm package.

npm install -g sql-cli

If you're more adventurous and like to live on the edge then you can install development version as follows:

git clone
cd sql-cli
git checkout dev
npm install -g

Get Started

To get the list of all parameters type 'mssql -h'

Usage: mssql [options]


  -h, --help                     output usage information
  -V, --version                  output the version number
  -s, --server <server>          Server to connect to
  -u, --user <user>              User name to use for authentication
  -p, --pass <pass>              Password to use for authentication
  -o, --port <port>              Port to connect to
  -t, --timeout <timeout>        Connection timeout in ms
  -T, --requestTimeout <timeout> Request timeout in ms
  -d, --database <database>      Database to connect to
  -q, --query <query>            The query to execute
  -v, --tdsVersion <tdsVersion>  Version of tds protocol to use [7_4, 7_2, 7_3_A, 7_3_B, 7_4]
  -e, --encrypt                  Enable encryption
  -f, --format <format>          The format of output [table, csv, xml, json]
  -c, --config <path>            Read connection information from config file

To connect to a SQL Server instance in Azure invoke mssql as follows

mssql -s -u username@abcdef -p thepassword -d mydatabase -e

You will get a prompt as follows:

Connecting to

sql-cli version 0.1.0
Enter ".help" for usage hints.

To get the list of all commands use the '.help' command

mssql> .help
.help               Shows this message                              
.databases          Lists all the databases                         
.tables             Lists all the tables                            
.sprocs             Lists all the stored procedures                 
.search TYPE VALUE  Searches for a value of specific type (col|text)
.indexes TABLE      Lists all the indexes of a table                
.read FILENAME      Execute commands in a file                      
.run FILENAME       Execute the file as a sql script                
.schema TABLE       Shows the schema of a table                     
.analyze            Analyzes the database for missing indexes.      
.quit               Exit the cli

To get the list of databases use the '.databases' command

mssql> .databases

2 row(s) returned in 12 ms

To get the list of tables use the '.tables' command

mssql> use test;
mssql> .tables
database  schema  name   type
--------  ------  -----  ----------
test      dbo     books  BASE TABLE
test      dbo     test   BASE TABLE

2 row(s) returned in 24 ms

To find all tables with a specified column name

mssql> .search col ID
table_name                  schema_name  column_name     
--------------------------  -----------  ----------------
Customers                   dbo          ID     
Products                    dbo          ID
2 row(s) returned

Executed in 1 ms

To find all records in a database with a value

mssql> .search text john
ColumnName                  ColumnValue    
--------------------------  -----------
[dbo].[Customers].[Name]    John             
[dbo].[Books].[Author]      John        
2 row(s) returned

Executed in 1 ms

To exit the cli use the '.quit' command

mssql> .quit