CodeIgniter library for interfacing with MongoDB
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CodeIgniter MongoDB Library

This is an active record inspired CodeIgniter library to integrate a MongoDB database into your application.

  1. Add the file Mongo_db.php to your /application/libraries folder.
  2. Add the file mongodb.php to your /application/config folder.
  3. Update the config file.

You can now autoload the library or include it in one of your controllers at run time.

You can interact with the database using many of the active record functions that CodeIgniter provides.

->where_gte('age', 18)
	'country' => 'UK',
	'like_whisky' => TRUE

The result will be an object containing matching documents.

Select Functions

  • select Get select fields from returned documents
  • where Where section of the query
  • where_in Where something is in an array of something
  • where_in_all Where something is in all of an array of * something
  • where_not_in Where something is not in array of something
  • where_gt Where something is greater than something
  • where_gte Where something is greater than or equal to something
  • where_lt Where something is less than something
  • where_lte Where something is less than or equal to something
  • where_not_equal Where something is not equal to something
  • `where_near`` Where something is near to something (2d geospatial search)
  • order_by Order the results
  • limit Limit the number of returned results

Insert Function

  • insert Insert a new document into a collection

Update Functions

  • inc Increments the value of a field
  • dec Decrements the value of a field
  • set Sets a field to a value
  • unset_field Unsets a field
  • addtoset Adds a value to an array if doesn't exist
  • push Pushes a value into an array field
  • pop Pops a value from an array field
  • pull Removes an array by the value of a field
  • rename_field Rename a field
  • update Update a single document in a collection
  • update_all Update all documents in a collection

Delete Functions

  • delete Delete a single document in a collection
  • delete_all Delete all documents in a collection

Index Functions

  • set_index Creates a new index
  • delete_index Deletes an index

Database Functions

  • drop_db Drops a database
  • switch_db Switch to a different database

Collection Functions

  • drop_collection Drops a collection