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mongoqp is a frontend for MongoDB's query profiler collections (i.e. db.system.profile), built using Silex and PHP 5.4.

It currently supports:

  • Toggling query profiler levels (off, slow, all) per database
  • Grouping similar queries by BSON structure
  • Reporting aggregate query statistics (min, max, average, times)
  • Sorting, pagination and filtering via DataTables

Future plans:

  • Control over slow query thresholds
  • Improving analytics
  • Persistent data collection
  • Integration with Justin Hileman's Genghis (single-file MongoDB admin)
  • Integration with Tyler Brock's mongo-hacker (MongoDB shell enhancements)


Server view

Database view


Install Dependencies

Dependencies are managed with Composer, a PHP package manager.

$ composer.phar install


The src/ directory includes a config.php.dist file, which should be copied to config.php. The cache directory for Twig may be customized.

Cache Directory

Create the cache directory (cache/ by default) and ensure it is writable by your web server.

Web Server

Instructions for web server configurations are outlined in the Silex documentation.