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An object-oriented PHP interface to the Twitter API

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twitterlibphp - Twitter/PHP interface

This is a simple interface to the Twitter API.

I've tried to keep as close as possible to the real API
calls (some had to be changed due to ambiguity), but all
of the arguments are as they are in the official docs.

For documentation, go to:


  $twitter = new Twitter("username", "password");
  $public_timeline = $twitter->getPublicTimeline();

  When you go through the docs, a lot of methods just take
an $options array and a $format parameter. The $options array
allows you to pass API arguments just like you would if you
were calling it from pure HTTP. For example:

  $twitter->getMentions(array('page'=>2), 'json')

  is mapped to...

Justin Poliey <>
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