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PHP 5.3 implementation of json schema validation. Note that this library is not yet feature complete.

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This library provides JSON schema validation using the schema found at Note that it is not yet feature complete, but does support basic validation. The JSON schema draft can be found at


  • PHP 5.3 or greater (requires namespace and closure support)


$someJson = '{"foo":"bar"}';
$jsonObject = json_decode($someJson);

$validator = new JsonValidator('/path/to/yourschema.json');


Supported Types

Types may be defined as either a single string type name, or an array of allowable type names.

  • string
  • number
  • integer
  • boolean
  • object
  • array
  • null
  • any

Supported Definitions

Not all definitions are yet supported, but here is a list of those which are:

  • properties (object)
  • additionalProperties (object)
  • required (all)
  • pattern (string)
  • minLength (string)
  • maxLength (string)
  • format (string, number, integer)
  • minimum (number, integer)
  • maximum (number, integer)
  • exclusiveMinimum (number, integer)
  • exclusiveMaximum (number, integer)
  • divisibleBy (number, integer)
  • enum (array)
  • minItems (array)
  • maxItems (array)
  • uniqueItems (array)
  • items (array)
  • disallow (all)

The following definitions are not yet supported:

  • patternProperties
  • dependencies
  • extends
  • id
  • $ref
  • $schema
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