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About Foafpress

Foafpress is planned as a small presentation engine for your FOAF profile and other RDF data stored in files. It allows you to aggregate and publish data from multiple web sources via Linked Data. Currently a proof of concept implementation is under testing, for now Foafpress works with files in RDF/XML, Turtle & N-Triple. I want to add some more standard templates for basic vocabularies like FOAF, DOAP and SIOC.

Please read upcoming announcements on my Foafpress feed at Identi.ca. For more info please read the slides from a Lightning Talk at the Leipzig Semantic Web Day 2010. You can find screenshots at Flickr.

How it works

All requests on RDF files (resources) under the Foafpress root (what is where the Foafpress .htaccess is located in) will be routed through Foafpress to deliver exactly what is requested. RDF stuff to RDF clients, a nice HTML representation to standard web browsers.

Get Started

You need PHP 5.3, Apache web server, and a recent Git or Mercurial version.

Found a bug, or an error in documents? Any Suggestions? Please contribute your ideas!

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