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An NES emulator written in PHP


Based on bokuweb/flownes, gabrielrcouto/php-terminal-gameboy-emulator.

Blog entry: https://www.hasegawa-tomoki.com/blog/2018/10/16/php-terminal-nes-emulator/ (Japanese)


  • PHP >= 7.0
  • Composer
  • NES rom


$ git clone https://github.com/hasegawa-tomoki/php-terminal-nes-emulator.git
$ cd php-terminal-nes-emulator
$ composer install

No composer?


$ php boot.php your-rom-file.nes

Compatible with mapper 0 rom files.

If you want to see colorful pictures, run with '-cpng' option.

$ php boot.php some.nes -cpng

You can see beautiful screenshots in ./screen directory.


[A] [D]        [,] [.]
  [S]   [N] [M]



The purpose of this project was to study all the capabilities of PHP.

It does not have any commercial or profitable intentions.

The user is responsible to use this code and its content in the terms of the law.

The author is completely against piracy and respects all the copyrights, trademarks and patents of Nintendo.