A confoundingly fast key-value store
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ShittyDB is a fast, scalable key-value store written in lightweight, asynchronous, embeddable, CAP-full, distributed Python. The library exposes a very simple, easy-to-use API that is easily callable from Python, Ruby and Node JS (wrappers for other languages are forthcoming).

In Python:

from shittydb import ShittyDB
s = ShittyDB()
s.set('foo', 'this is really fast')

In Ruby:

require 'shittydb'

ShittyDB.set('foo', 'this is really fast')

In Node.js:

var ShittyDB = require("ShittyDB");

var ShittiestDB = new ShittyDB();
ShittiestDB.set('foo', 'this is really fast');

In C:

#include <stdlib.h>
#include "shittydb.h"

int main(int argc, char ** argv) {
    // Add a key
    shittydb_set("foo", "It's like greased lightning");

    // Query a key
    char * resp = NULL;
    shittydb_get(&resp, "foo");


    return EXIT_SUCCESS;

In Visual Basic:

Public Module Test
    Sub Main()
        Call ShittyDBSet("foo", "literally faster than pure assembly")
    End Sub
End Module

ShittyDB is certified 100% robust and failsafe with ACID and BASE transactions.

The current release is version 0.0. Please have a look at the source code. We are accepting all improvements and additions from the open-source community.


Are there performance benchmarks?

Those are forthcoming as soon as I can find some that make it look really good.

What is ShittyDB's story regarding consistency?

ShittyDB is strongly consistent and changes are written to disk on each call to shittydb.set.

Can I sacrifice all of my data to the webscale God for ultimate performance?

I'm glad you asked. If you're using ShittyDB in Python, use webscale mode for blazing-fast speed, with the concession that not all of your writes are guaranteed to work. Try this:

sdb = shittydb.ShittyDB()
print sdb.webscale() # False; ShittyDB is not webscale by default
sdb.webscale(True) # Make ShittyDB webscale
sdb['foo'] = 'this is a webscale assignment'
print sdb['foo'] # What happens here? We don't know! It's webscale!

Are ShittyDB clients available in other languages?

Those are forthcoming.

Can you change ShittyDB's name? It's offensive and HR won't let me use it for that reason.

No, it's named after my grandfather.

Does ShittyDB support SQL?

No, but you can write an extension to ShittyDB that handles SQL. For example:

import re
def shitty_sql(sql):
    match = re.match("SELECT \\* FROM ([a-z])", sql).group(1)
    return shittydb.get(match)


shittydb.set("foo", "abc")
shitty_sql("SELECT * FROM foo")

How do you distribute ShittyDB?


You said up there it was a distributed key-value store.

The Python implementation supports distribution with the distribute method:

sdb = ShittyDB()

NOTE: distributed DB may reduce data integrity.