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Phishlets for Evilginx2 (MITM proxy Framework)
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Phishlets are the configuration files in YAML syntax for proxying a legitimate website into a phishing website. They are the building blocks of the tool named evilginx2.


These phishlets are added in support of some issues in evilginx2 which needs some consideration. All the phishlets here are tested and built on the modified version of evilginx2: If you find any problem regarding the current version or with any phishlet, make sure to report the issue on github.


These are some precautions you need to take while setting up google phishlet.

  • Make sure Your Server is located in United States (US)
  • Make sure you are using this version of evilginx:
  • If you server is in a country other than United States, manually add the `accounts.gooogle.[country code]` entry in proxy_hosts section, like this:
{phish_sub: 'accounts-pk', orig_sub: 'accounts', domain: '', session: true, is_landing: false, auto_filter: false}


  • Report Bugs.
  • Use the phishlets in your projects.
  • Give new ideas of the phishlets.
  • Fork it!
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