Git extensions for m-of-n signing and verification on commits/tags.
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Git Signatures

This repo includes extensions and workflow examples for being able to attach an arbitrary number of GPG signatures to a given commit or tag.

Git already supports commit signing. These tools are intended to compliment that support by allowing a code reviewer and/or release engineer attach their signatures as well.

A CI or build system that enforces m-of-n signature verification on git tags to be released offers strong protection against tampering of the repository by a single bad actor or compromised system.

This approach builds entirely on the git-notes interface which allows the attachment of arbitrary data to an existing commit.


  • Git 2.1+
  • GnuPG 2.2+

Mac OS X

Since the built in getopt and date binaries are not compatible with this script, you must install some GNU compatible binaries (homebrew recommended).

  • gnu-getopt
    • brew install gnu-getopt
    • ln -s $(brew --prefix gnu-getopt)/bin/getopt /usr/local/bin/gnu-getopt
  • coreutils
    • brew install coreutils

Make sure that the gnu-getopt, gdate, and gshuf binaries are in your $PATH.


You need only place bin/git-signatures anywhere in your $PATH.

By default you can install it to $HOME/.local/bin with:

make install


Pull and merge signatures from origin

git signatures pull

Sign a tag

git signatures add v1.0.0

Push new signatures to origin

git signatures push

Pull/merge/sign/push against origin as single step

git signatures add --push v1.0.0

Verify signatures

Will return the public key IDs of verified signers:

git signatures verify v1.0.0

Verify m-of-n signatures

Verify m-of-n requirement met against default gpg trustdb. Will return 0 only if conditions met.

git signatures verify --min-count 2 v1.0.0

Verify against m-of-n signatures from multiple GPG trustdbs

git signatures verify --trustdb dev-team.db --min-count 2 v1.0.0
git signatures verify --trustdb release-team.db --min-count 1 v1.0.0


git-signatures is only a very simple set of wrappers to offer a shorthand for git/gpg manipulations.

Signatures are just base64 encoded results of GPG signing a given git hash. They are appended in the git-notes interface at refs/signatures.

These methods were chosen to make this setup easy to reason about and review.

A manual signing could be performed as:

  git rev-parse HEAD | gpg --sign | base64 -w0 | \
    git notes --ref refs/signatures append --file=-
  git push origin refs/signatures

A manual verification could be performed as:

git fetch origin refs/signatures
git notes merge -s cat_sort_uniq origin/refs/signatures
git notes --ref refs/signatures show | \
  xargs -L1 -I {} sh -c "echo {} | base64 -d | gpg -d"


Use at your own risk. You may be eaten by a grue.