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* updates to the shipwright packager - Jesse Vincent
* fix an uninitialized value warning in bin/sd - sunnavy
* Document using x509 client certificates with trac. - Nelson Elhage
* Document new alias behavior in 'help aliases' - Nelson Elhage
* add feature lighthouse to Makefile.PL - sunnavy
* fix quoted args in darcs-sd - Christine Spang
* update lighthouse replica: use auth; versions and attachments can return arra
y - sunnavy
* Initial cut of a lighthouse sync - attachment support for lighthouse, but push only has skeleton: waiting for their api updates - sunnavy
* Add --version / -V - Christine Spang
* Now we can push attachments to trac! And we _test_ them - Jesse Vincent
* made "sd help attach" work - Jesse Vincent
* Fix push of comments to trac - Jesse Vincent
* Fix a broken regexp in manifest.skip which stopped SD on CPAN from having a pretty webui - thanks to Nelson Elhage
* Added documentation about proper clone command to use with a local sd server - Pedro Melo
* GitHub UI improvements and related updates for prompt_for_login API change - Christine Spang
* In the Redmine tests, we weren't doing all of our test skips in the BEGIN {} block. Marcus Ramberg caught this
* All help references for summary format should be 'ticket.summary-format' - Christine Spang
* bugfix: be able to delete props that aren't in common_ticket_props from the - Christine Spang
editor - Christine Spang
* Fix a help typo pointed out by Gerfried Fuchs - Christine Spang
* Further fixes/clarifications for search help. - Christine Spang
0.70 - 2009-08-26
* Workaround for occasionally broken Ruby date formatting libraries in github replicas
* Minor testing and formatting change
0.69_01 - 2009-08-21
* Initial release
- dev release to do CPAN smoking before official release