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Browser-Based game competition

#bbg is having its third semi-monthly game creation challenge! A genre will be randomly selected, and, during the next month, contestants will have 12 hours to spend on creating code, art and music for an original game.

If you have an itch to work with friends, then feel free to team up and submit a team entry. Every member has 12 hours, and the size of your team has to be disclosed with your submission.

All the entries will be open sourced, too, so feel free to have a look at anyone's source code after the fact.


The contest starts on 15th Feb, 5pm GMT, and finishes 15th March, 5pm GMT.

Genre List:

The genre is:

Turn-based War Strat

It was randomly selected from the list below at the very start of the contest:

  • beat-em-up (a la streets of rage)
  • FPS
  • rogue-like
  • top-down action rpg (a la early zelda)
  • tower defense
  • racing
  • platform
  • puzzle
  • point & click adventure
  • jRPG (a la final fantasy)
  • turn-based war strat
  • RTS
  • text-based adventure (predominantly text, other media used for mood)
  • dating sim
  • sports sim
  • management sim



Fork my repo, create a folder for your entry, then pull request me when you're done.

Content restriction

  • Use only content you have a legal right to.
  • PG13 content. There's no problem with serious topics, but curb the explicit content.

Time restriction

You have to do all of the actual coding, music making and art making on the game itself within the 12 hours. Feel free to do research/conceptual stuff outside that, like:

  • Thinking/conceptualising
  • Drafting game design
  • Looking for tools/art/music


Use any lib or tool you like. It's all fair game ;)


It has to run in a browser! Feel free to specify which browser, but remember; if you're too specific, fewer people may end up playing it.