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HashBX - Ethereum ERC-20 Token and Smart Contracts.
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HashBX Token


Token Address


HashBX Token

The HBX token HBXToken.sol is ERC-20 standard compatible and has the following additional characteristics:

  1. An initial amount of 1,000,000,000 HBX tokens supply.
  2. An ability to burn tokens by users to reduce total number of token supply.

At the completion of token sale, HashBX plans to do the following:

  • Burn all unallocated tokens to proportionally increase each token holder’s percentage in the overall token amount.


We use OpenZeppelin code for SafeMath, Ownable, Burnable and StandardToken logic.

  • SafeMath provides arithmetic functions that throw exceptions when integer overflow occurs.
  • Ownable keeps track of a contract owner and permits the transfer of ownership by the current owner.
  • Burnable provides a burn function that decrements the balance of the burner and the total supply.
  • StandardToken provides an implementation of the ERC-20 standard.

The token contract includes the following constants:

    name             = "HashBX";
    symbol           = "HBX";
    decimals         = 18;
    INITIAL_SUPPLY   = 1,000 million HBX;
    Mintable         = False

The above constants indicate a maximum supply of 1,000 million tokens.

Copyright © 2017-2018 - HashBX Global Company Limited. All Rights Reserved.

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