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JS Parser rationale

Both Acorn and Esprima support JS ES6 shows they take similar processing time: ~215ms to parse jQuery mobile, Angular 1, and React 0.13.

Esprima pros

  • Bigger userbase (based on Google search ranking)
  • Pretty web page
  • More unit tests
  • Tokenizer
  • ESLint uses it

Esprima cons

  • Code is twice as big as Acorn
    • Not a concern.
  • Fewer options
    • Acorn has huge extensibility via callbacks
    • Not needed in our use cases

I jumped into Esprima right away once I saw that it would fit my needs. I later did more research and found Acorn to be more nimble. If I were to start over, I would go with Acorn.

Future task list and rationale

  • Our whitelist and blacklist handles presence of certain tokens/blocks but isn't designed to handle different quantities.
  • Our AST parser doesn't try to go inside CallExpressions. Could be tricky since source code usually isn't readily available.
  • My Git commits are pretty bulky, but that's simply due to the ultra time constrained nature of this project.
  • Make "all good" result colored black or green instead of red.
  • Bug where it things the code is empty on reload. onchange isn't triggered.
  • Structure analysis: allow user to put in multiple expressions to check instead of just one.
  • I'd add raw esprima output to the API test page.
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