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jQuery plugin for

This is very early development release. Things might break. Make sure to signup for mailing list at to stay up to date on latest developments of this project.


How to use:

  • Obtain new keys set at
  • Include and on your page.
  • To add lock to submit button of your form:
$(function() {
  $("form input[type=submit]").hashcash({
    key: "YOUR-PUBLIC-KEY"
  • To verify work on the server side:

if (! $_REQUEST['hashcashid']) {
  die("Please unlock submit button.");

$url = '' . $_REQUEST['hashcashid'] . '?apikey=[YOUR-PRIVATE-KEY]';
$work = json_decode(file_get_contents($url));

if (! $work) {
  die("Please try again");

if ($work->totalDone < 0.01) {
  die("You did not wait long enough");




$.fn.hashcash([options]) where options can be:

    autoId: true,
    id: guid(),
    complexity: 0.01,
    key: null,
    beforeCb: null,
    progressCb: null,
    doneCb: null,
    targetEl: null,
    formEl: null,
    hashcashInputName: 'hashcashid',
    lang: {
        screenreader_notice: 'Click this to unlock submit button',
        screenreader_notice_done: 'Form unlocked. Please submit this form.',
        screenreader_computing: 'Please wait while computing.',
        screenreader_computed: 'Form is ready. Please submit this form.',
        screenreader_done: '__done__% done.',
        popup_info: 'Please unlock it first.'

autoId - generate id automatically. Set to false if you are going to manipulate id yourself.

id is randomly generated, or you can supply your own id.

complexity sets how hard browser need to work in order to unlock form. Larger complexity - longer it takes to unlock it.

key - your PUBLIC key

beforeCb - function assigned to this option will be called before lock widget is added to the form.

doneCb - function assigned to this option will be called when calculation will be finished.

targetEl - used to specify custom element to add widget to. By default widget added right before button it is attached to. Can be either jquery selector string or jquery element.

formEl - used to specify form to attach onSubmit events and hidden hashcashid field. By default looks for parent of submit button widget is attached to. Can be jquery selector string or jquery element.

hashcashInputName - used to override default "hashcashid" hidden input element to pass work id for server-side verification.

lang - used to override default strings for example for translation.

Available integrations

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