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# hashcat and its predecessors has been developed and is maintained by:
Jens "atom" Steube <> (@hashcat)
# The following persons made code contributions to hashcat:
Philipp "philsmd" Schmidt <> (@philsmd)
* Multiple kernel modules
* Hardware monitor maintenance
* Test Suite maintenance
* Makefile maintenance
* Potfile feature
* Maskfile feature
* Induction directory feature
* Loopback file feature
* Userinput sanity checks
Gabriele "matrix" Gristina <> (@gm4tr1x)
* Multiple kernel modules
* Compressed wordlist feature
* OpenCL Info feature
* Apple Metal Runtime API feature
* Apple macOS port
* Apple Silicon support
* Universal binary on Apple Silicon
* Hardware monitor initial code base and maintenance
* Test suite initial code base and maintenance
* Makefile initial code base
* Multithreading initial code base
* MultiGPU initial code base
* Benchmarks initial code base
Jean-Christophe "Fist0urs" Delaunay <> (@Fist0urs)
* Kerberos TGS Rep enctype 23 kernel module
* Kerberos TGS Rep enctype 17/18 kernel module
* AxCrypt kernel module
* KeePass kernel module
* DPAPImk v1 and v2 kernel module
Jeremi "epixoip" Gosney <> (@jmgosney)
* Oracle Transportation Manager SHA256 kernel module
* Continuous work pushing hashcat to run on large clusters
* Conducting Hashcat trainings
* Moderating the hashcat forum
* Helping tons of new users find their way into the hashcat universe
Other contributors to hashcat
* A full list and their commits can be found here:
# hashcat relies on some libraries, including:
* xxHash by Yann Collet (@Cyan4973)
* LZMA-SDK by Igor Pavlov
* zlib by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler
* win-iconv by Yukihiro Nakadaira
* micro-ecc by Ken MacKay (used as reference for some secp256k1 operations)
* UnRAR by Alexander Roshal
# Furthermore the following persons helped the project:
Martin "purehate" Bos <> (@cantcomputer)
* For the first person presenting hashcat in his talks and tutorials to a larger audience
* For pushing hashcat to Kali
Per Thorsheim <> (@thorsheim)
* For running the "PasswordsCon" conference, first of its kind
* For convincing me to speak publicly about my work
Rick "Minga" Redman and KoreLogic <> (@CrackMeIfYouCan)
* For running the "Crack Me If You Can" password cracking contest, first of its kind
* For pushing password cracking techniques forward
Brandon Chalk <> (@brandoncasaba)
* Kerberos Pre-Auth 17/18 kernel module, ported from @Fist0urs TGS kernel modules
Jamie Riden <>
* Web2py pbkdf2-sha512 plugin
!!! All the package maintainers of hashcat !!!