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* v0.21 -> v0.22:
- Correct spelling mistake
- Cosmetic: 'oclHashcat' -> 'hashcat', 'hashcat' -> 'hashcat-legacy'
- Fix signature of catch_int
- Allow a negative --elem-cnt-max
- Makefile cleanup: remove comments about hashcat-toolchain
- Added .gitignore
- Updated year in LICENSE file
* v0.20 -> v0.21:
- Exit if stdout is closed or has a error
- Fix for "Bug --pw-min" issue
- Print position when stopped
- Allow wordlist as fileparameter
- Load only NUM words from input wordlist or use 0 to disable
* v0.19 -> v0.20:
- Add dupe suppression
- Add a fake-GMP header using uint128_t macros. This is to replace depency on GMP
- Add --case-permute amplifier option, default is disabled
- Fixed buffer overflow
- Fixed accidental reverted changes
- Fixed a bug where ee actually couldn't correctly support output longer than 31 but 32 is supported
- More memory savings: Use only the actual space needed for each word
* v0.18 -> v0.19:
- Fixed missing free() in shutdown section
- Fixed wrong version number in source
- Fixed discrepancies with logic and error messages
- Added validation check pw-max > elem-cnt-max
- Untie IN_LEN_* from PW_* to allow --pw-max > 16 without recompilation
- If out of memory, tell how much we tried to allocate
- Allow hex input for --skip and --limit
- Optimized output performance
* v0.17 -> v0.18:
- Fixed major bug where all candidates are of the same length till chain changes
* v0.16 -> v0.17:
- Fixed download url for binaries in README
- Fixed copy paste bug in input verification
- Fixed bug where pw_orders is not sorted
- Fixed memory leak
- Removed O_BINARY for stderr
- Removed some unused code
- Renamed variables so that they match the meaning from the presentation slides
- Optimized seeking performance
- Optimized output performance
* v0.15 -> v0.16:
- Open Source the project
- License is MIT
- Moved repository to github:
- Added
- Changed default value for --pw-max from 24 to 16 for faster startup time