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Google Play Game Services plugin for Gameclosure

This is a Gameclosure( plugin for Google Play Game Services. Right now we support only android.

Android version: 11.8.0


  • Login/Logout
  • PlayerStats
  • Leaderboard
  • Achievements

How to Install

clone this repo to '''addons''' folder inside devkit and do following

$ cd gameplay
$ android update project -p android/google_play_services_lib/

To register playerStats callback in game:

  import gameplay as gameplay;
  gameplay.onPlayerStats = callbackFn;

Note: basement lib we are using in utils module also. if you are using utils module, if we updating basement lib, update utils also with the same

Android installation

Requires google play services configuration to be registered on game project package

Now for every game, after devkit init game, you can check the package name of your android project in devkit/YOURGAME/modules/devkit-core/modules/native-android/gradleops/YOURGAME/app/build.gradle file, line 7, applicationId variable

then to FCM console and create the project for the package of the game you have created and obtain google-services.json file right after FCM project creation in console.

Then put google-services.json file into devkit/YOURGAME/modules/gameplay/android/

Modification and update

This project contains build.gradle files. Please note that plugins library projects are not imported as project modules, instead they are imported as AAR (Android archive) which contain necessary source code and resources. You can see this in android/config.json of each library project plugin This requires to rebuild .aar file after plugin source code has been modified with proces: Import project into Android Studio -> Add changes -> Build -> Rebuild project. This will rebuild .aar file, the path to which is already in config.json.