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Persistent IAT hooking application - based on bearparser
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IAT patcher

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Persistent IAT hooking application.
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To build it on Linux or MacOS you can use the given script - it automatically downloads this repository and all the dependencies:
Just run it and it will do everything for you!

Manual build:

To have more control on the process of building, you can also build IAT Patcher manualy, by following several simple steps:

1. Fetch sources:

Use recursive clone to get the repo together with the submodule:

git clone --recursive

2. Build (Linux example):

NOTE: The same source should compile on Windows without problems, only generator (cmake -G ...) will be different

After you clone the repository with sources, create a new directory for the build:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake -G [enviroment of your choice] ../IAT_patcher/
i. e
cmake -G "CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles" ../IAT_patcher/

...the application is here:

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